Felicity: Why you should apply for the SRC

USQ blogger: Felicity Holder
Felicity completed a Bachelor of Business, majoring in marketing and tourism management. She enjoys reading a good book, volunteering at local events and wants to travel one day.

When I started my Bachelor of Business degree I had never imagined that by joining the Student Representative committee (SRC) I would be given so many amazing opportunities to become involved with USQ and make a real difference to my community and peer groups.

Before I began my role, I was worried about the extra workload I would be taking on and how I could possibly manage to get all my assessment done on time as well. With previous experience in similar voluntary positions, I knew that there would be more pressure on my uni, personal, and professional life. But despite all this worry, I knew that becoming a part of the SRC would show potential employers that I have a strong drive, initiative and am motivated to do the things that I want to. I saw this as an open door to a personal and professional opportunity, rather than another obligation I would have to make time for every week.

I’ve been a part of the SRC for almost a year now and I have absolutely loved every second of it. We have achieved so much as a team, from giving students a more suitable work environment to running student events including SRC30s community feedback sessions. The secret to our success is a diverse team of people from all kinds of backgrounds and study areas all with the same determination and drive. Since joining, I have definitely proved to myself that I can achieve anything with a bit of elbow grease and some leg work.

Being a part of the SRC has strengthened my leadership, communication, and professional skills. It’s also given me the chance to improve on my marketing and design skills as well as the opportunity to make new friendships that probably would never have happened without my involvement in different faculties and social groups. I can now talk to my future employers and explain to them that I not only flourished in the SRC but enjoyed my time volunteering and gaining skills that would set me up to tackle day-to-day business life. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in making the most of their time at university, getting involved with new people and groups and helping make the changes they want to see in the community. 

So what are you waiting for? Nominate for the SRC today so you aren’t just a part of the community, but the awesome group that makes it better! For information, contact Student Life or visit the SRC website.


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