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There are so many amazing students and alumni that make up the USQ community, and here, you’ll find the stories of those we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing. Be inspired by their stories, learn from their advice and tips, and let their words of wisdom fuel your own success.

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Penelope Twemlow

Penelope Twemlow
Holding three concurrent executive roles and forging to the forefront of male-dominated industries takes more than just talent. Discover the career strategy and motivation behind award-winning USQ alumna Penelope Twemlow. ... Full article>>

Jozef Borja-Erece

Jozef Borja-Erece
Are you concerned about the pressure to succeed after your degree? We discussed how to find direction and why it’s ok to embrace the unknown with Jozef, who graduated from USQ at age 18 and knows about expectation.. ... Full article>>

Miranda Kalinowski

Miranda Kalinowski
Miranda Kalinowsk, Global Head of Recruitment at Facebook and USQ alumna shares her top tips ... Full article>>

Allycia Munro & Matthew Bloye

Allycia Munro & Matthew Bloye
Allycia Munro (Bachelor of Nursing) & Matthew Bloye (Bachelor of Aviation) share their stories ... Full article>>

Sammy Dee & Tayla Drake

Sammy & Tayla
Sammy Dee (Bachelor of Paramedicine) and Tayla Drake (Bachelor of Communication and Media (Journalism) share their stories ... Full article>>

Ashleigh Hyland

Ashleigh feature
'Through education, my passion for the environment has thrived. My passion for the environment started during my childhood as a result of my Indigenous heritage. I was always told that we do not own the land, that the land owns us and we need to replenish the resources we use.' ... Full article>>

David Burrett

Dave feature
'Leaving school, I was just as confused as everyone else and had the intention of travelling when I had saved enough money. But when the opportunity to open a café presented itself, I took it with both hands, and it’s paid off.'  ... Full article >>

Henrietta Lee

Henrietta feature  
'From a young age I was told that I was a good writer.’ But despite her confident nature and her clear love for writing, it was a passion and career aspiration she kept under wraps for over a decade ...  Full article >>

Alice McDonald

Alice feature
'I was the first in my family to go to uni and they really encouraged me to keep going.' ... Full article >>

Lisa Murton

Lisa feature
When Lisa decided to begin her studies after her place of work closed down, she was judged, questioned and made to feel insecure ... Full article >>

Dan Judson and Luke Mitchell

Dan and Luke feature
'Coming into this [degree], I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that I liked film and TV and I didn’t really know how big this industry can get.' ... Full article >>

Yvonne O'Neill

Yvonne O'Neill
After representing Australia in Rugby League and having her artwork displayed in the Vatican, she now looks to help Australian Indigenous children. ... Full article >>

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