Opinion pieces

Opinion Pieces

Got opinions, not afraid to share them… 

At university, you’re taught the importance of challenging the status quo and traditional ways of thinking, so it’s no wonder that we’re an opinionated bunch! These articles will either make you nod your head in agreeance or inspire you to write your own opinion piece in response!

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The top 5 most annoying people on email

We use it for work, for leisure, to send happy snaps, track parcel deliveries and everything in between ... Full article >>

Are exams relevant?

Are exams relevant?
It’s an old debate, and one that that every student has an opinion on: the relevance of exams in today’s world of education. But before you make your decision, have a read of these facts.  ... Full article >>

Are video games bad for you?

Are video games bad for you?
We posed it to two of our team members to share their thoughts about three much-debated facets of this controversial topic ... Full article >>

Method to my madness

Method to my madness
Why I see my anxious behaviour as a good thing ... Full article >>

Introvert verses extrovert

Introvert verses extrovert
Whether they’re an introvert or an extrovert, many students resent having to do group assignments at university ... Full article >>

'Stressed' spelled backwards is 'desserts'

Stressed opinion piece
When I’m stressed I eat desserts, but stress isn’t the only emotion that has me comfort eating ...  Full article >>

Technology surpasses human interaction

Technology opinion piece
We live in a society where ‘technology’ is seen as more important than building our skills and intelligence. To put this into perspective, it goes a little something like this ...  Full article >>

This is imitation innovation

iPhone opinion piece
I’m not kidding when I say these AirPods are literally worth more than half their weight in gold ...  Full article >>

Is it really all about your diet?

Healthy opinion piece
They say you can’t out-exercise a bad diet and while I agree, I don’t believe a diet of salads and whole foods will do the job either ...  Full article >>

The debate that really isn't a debate

Donald opinion piece
Donald Trump, a name synonymous with unashamed, secular traditionalism, thinly veiled racism, deep pockets and a blonde, wispy toupee, is one of the most heated talking points ...  Full article >>

The curious case of nostalgia

Nostalgia opinion piece
The curious thing about remembering past times is the fact that you do not recall the actual event, but the memory of what your brain has chosen to distort into a recollection ...  Full article >>

Let's talk politics

Politics opinion piece
Hands up if the phrase ‘Australian politics’ makes you yawn. The thing is, it really shouldn’t ...  Full article >>

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