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4 cheap and easy ways to develop your skill set

By Lana 30 Jul 2019
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Do you find yourself with spare time on your hands and want to make sure you use it productively? Or maybe you’re looking for an easy way to up-skill from home while you complete your studies?  If this sounds like you, then I’ve got four cheap and easy ways to use your time effectively and develop further skills in your chosen career – whether that be honing in on your study field or learning about how to network. 

Here are four cheap and easy ways to develop your skill set

1. Facebook Blue Print

We’re all highly experienced in scrolling through our Facebook newsfeeds, but did you know you could gain practical insights of how the Digital Marketing experts use Facebook, thanks to Facebook’s free courses? Facebook Blue Print teaches you how to market across all of their channels, which include Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. So, if you’re a future marketing connoisseur, this is right up your alley! 

2. Google Digital Garage

We’ve all used the expression, ‘Google it’, when trying to answer a question. Google has now taken it one step further by releasing Google Digital Garage, an online class series. The classes on offer cover digital marketing, coding and machine learning as well as career development. All classes are available for free and you can choose your skill level. Google also offers certification courses that, once completed, provide an accredited certificate that can help boost your CV or LinkedIn profile. So, what are you waiting for? Get Googling! 

3. Toastmasters

Do your palms get sweaty when you have to speak in public? Or, are you more a butterflies-in-the-stomach kind of person? Whether you’re undertaking an oral presentation, a business presentation or even just speaking at your best friend’s wedding, public speaking is something you will encounter throughout your life. So why not combat those nerves by joining a Toastmasters Club? Toastmasters is a not-for-profit organisation that focuses on communication and leadership development. 

‘By learning to effectively formulate and convey ideas, you open up a world of possibilities. You will become more persuasive and confident, whether speaking with your colleagues, your community or family’ (Toastmasters, 2019). 

Sounds pretty good, right? Even if you don’t think you need public speaking skills in your everyday life, they certainly come in handy for interviews!  I’ve personally undertaken Toastmasters and can vouch that it improved my public speaking skills, and helped build my confidence, too! You can find further information about Toastmasters and their club locations on the Toastmasters website

4. Udemy

Udemy is also an online learning marketplace worth noting. It boasts over 100 000 online courses in 12 different categories such as Business, IT, Design, Marketing, Teaching and Academics, Development, and Health and Fitness. The courses start at as little as $14.99 AUD, and some are even free! With plenty of options to choose from and the ability to learn at your own pace, Udemy could become your new study buddy!

Bonus tip! 

If you’re willing to splash a little more cash for the learning goods, you might like to check out Masterclass. You’ll be learning from the likes of James Patterson, Helen Mirren and Dr Jane Goodall. Masterclass offers over 45 different programs on topics such as writing, acting, conservation, business strategy and game design, just to name a few. You can gain unlimited class access at around $280 AUD for the year and can learn at your own pace. 

Well, there you have it – four cheap ways to develop your skill set.

If you’re looking for even more ideas on how you can up-skill in your spare time, why not check out Jordan’s blog on the benefits of suiting up during the uni break? Happy learning!

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