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Episode 4: How to use social media build your career

By USQ 02 Sep 2019
Inside audio recording studio with group of career professionals

Are you on social media? It’s rare to meet anyone who isn’t these days! But do you use it to demonstrate your skills and knowledge to build your professional profile? In Episode 4 of USQ: Unleash your Career, USQ Academic Supervisor Jenny Ostini explains how to profile your research on social media channels, find your audience, and engage with them. Susan Prior, Founder of Secret Brisbane and Write-Now, and a USQ alumna, talks about how she uses social media to showcase her writing skills and her client portfolio.

For more tips on how to utilise social media to develop a professional profile online, check out these 5 reasons you should be on LinkedIn and how to maximise your LinkedIn profile.

Are you ready to unleash your career potential? Careers & Employability Expert Lou Bromley interviews various industry professionals to bring you the scoop on how to develop a rewarding, successful career.

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