Getting that job

Getting that job video series 

Clean up your Digital Footprint

When approaching a job interview, many applicants spend a lot of time on their physical appearance, from combing their hair right down to cleaning their shoes. But have you remembered to clean up your digital footprint as well? Whether it’s an embarrassing email address or some questionable Facebook photos, use these simple tips to avoid dragging digital dirt into your job interview. - watch now

Promote yourself as a brand

You don’t have to be as big as Nike or Apple to be a great and memorable brand. These 5 simple tips will help you to market your skills and experience in a way that leaves a lasting impression on your interviewers so you can be the brand they remember. - watch now

Career Resilience

Sometimes things just don’t go to plan, which is why it’s important to be resilient and know how to persevere with a positive attitude. If you’re feeling as though your career’s hit a speed bump or you’re struggling to get the job you’re after, we’ve got some simple tips to help you get back on track and keep on rolling. - watch now