Kim: A graduate’s letter to first year students

Kim graduated from USQ with a Bachelor of Science in 2015. Having worked as a speech pathologist, she now balances life as mum of an active toddler with a new career as a medical laboratory scientist at Queensland Health

To all those beginning their university journey,

While many beginning students may feel confident they have found their calling and can clearly see their path forward, if you are feeling uncertainty and doubt, don’t be discouraged. There is no map you can use to navigate your life, and it’s ok to meander a while.  Life is a journey, not a race. The experiences and lessons you learn while at uni, you will hold onto for life. Let them remind you of your enormous capacity to achieve and overcome obstacles when you set your mind to it.

When I enrolled in my degree at USQ, I didn’t know where I was headed. I left a full-time professional career to reconsider my future. I lived with many unresolved questions and simply made a plan for each day. My study at USQ has been my solace during some tough times and through it, I have found more answers than I ever imagined.

You will face many challenges during your time at uni. You’ll have to make sacrifices, from missing social events and time with family to perhaps even giving up a full-time income to focus on study. From time to time, you may be consumed with doubt and worry… but you will survive. You will also achieve things you never thought you could. You’ll learn how to overcome your tendency to procrastinate, deal with sleep deprivation and find just the right words to explain concepts you’re not quite sure you actually understand.

Your teachers will share their enthusiasm for knowledge and will challenge you in ways you may not appreciate at the time, but will learn to be grateful for later. These challenges will fortify your mind and contribute to your personal growth.

Appreciate your family and friends - they will provide you with invaluable support, encouragement and understanding along the way. They will be your anchor when the seas are rough, a lighthouse in the fog and, more than anything, they will help you row on when you run out of steam.   

No matter what obstacles you face along the way, whether you stumble or fall, are sidelined or go down a different path for a while, you will make it! Take the time to treasure each and every experience throughout your learning journey and remember to take risks. You are not alone in this and it will be worth it in the end.

Remember, if you ever need help along the way, all you need to do is reach out and ask. Good luck, enjoy the rollercoaster and know that you CAN make it!

Best wishes.



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