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Getting to know your Resident Student Club

By Kara 14 Apr 2019

If you choose to live at one of USQ’s Residential Colleges while completing your studies, you’re bound to hear about the members of the Resident Student Club (RSC). These friendly students and college residents volunteer their time to do extra jobs for the Colleges to keep things running smoothly and make resident life that little bit better for the rest of us.

The RSC plans all major college parties and events and organises social sports clubs and college merchandise, just to name a few of their responsibilities! These crazy/amazing students take on this work in addition to their own study schedules and social lives, juggling all these different priorities throughout the semester. Often, a lot of the work of the RSC happens behind the scenes and residents may not even realise the effort that’s gone into maintaining and improving their College experience. So, given all the extra time and work involved, why would people choose to volunteer for the RSC?

To put it simply, because they love College. As a former RSC volunteer I can personally attest that while the job can be challenging at times, it’s also incredibly rewarding to watch your fellow residents laughing, smiling and enjoying the events and atmosphere that you’ve created as part of the RSC. While not all of the work involves planning events, for the most part I like to think of the RSC as the College Fun Committee, responsible for making life on College awesome and memorable. 

I love the awesome team spirit of each College! Kara with College friends
I love the awesome team spirit of each College!

There are five positions on the RSC: Secretary, Treasurer, Social Coordinator, Sports Coordinator and President. All the roles differ slightly, but everyone works together to make sure events are the best they can be. If you’re curious about the RSC, here’s a rundown of each of the positions and what they contribute to the club.


The club President is responsible for keeping the team on track and making sure things get done. As the team leader, the President is there to motivate the club, oversee its progress and give its members a motivational boost when needed.

Sports Coordinator

The Sports Coordinator is someone with unwavering team spirit, the ability to motivate others and a never-give-up attitude. They’re responsible for working with the other colleges to plan regular sporting events that get residents up, out of their rooms and making the most of the awesome competitive spirit of the three Res Colleges.

Social Coordinator

A fairly self-explanatory role, the Social Coordinator is in charge of organising all major college social events, such as semi-formals and formals. These much-loved events are a fixture on the college social calendar.

Kara with Res College friends on top of Table Mountain, Toowoomba
The College formals are always an awesome event!

Secretary and Treasurer

While they’re two separate roles, I’ve grouped these together because often the Secretary and Treasurer work (figuratively) hand-in-hand to keep the administrative side of the club running smoothly. From the logistics of college events to tracking the club budget, these roles may not be quite as creative as the others but they’re essential to the success of the RSC.

While a big responsibility, in my opinion the rewards of being on the RSC are worth the extra effort. There’s something really satisfying about seeing your work make a positive change to the college experience of other residents and being in a position to action anything that you think you could be improved.

The College formals are always an awesome event! Kara with friends dressed up for a formal

If you’re living on College at USQ and looking for a way to get the most out of the experience (and add to your résumé in the process) get your application in for the RSC. For even more Collegiate leadership opportunities, check out Kim’s blog about her time as a Resident Advisor.

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