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8 great life hacks for uni students

By Kim 15 Apr 2019
McGregor College student works on his latop on his bed.

When it comes to student life hacks, there’s the practical, the life-changing and the ‘as if that would even make life easier’. Whether you’re looking to save some dollars or make the most of a small space, life hacks certainly aren’t in short supply.

When I first arrived onto college at USQ Toowoomba, I was wanting to save both space and money, and while I figured out my own tips and tricks along the way, there were definitely some college life hacks I wish I’d known from day one!

Seeing as my time on college has come to an end, I think it’s only fair to pass my life hack handbook over to you, current or future college residents.

1. Invest in shower curtain rings

If you’re like me, scarves are one of those things you just kind of throw into the cupboard and go fishing for next time you want them. Instead, hook shower curtain rings onto coat hangers or rods to hang all your scarves, belts or ties in the one place. 

Picture of eight shower curtain rings hooked onto a single coat hanger.
Image via Pinterest.

2. Save your pull tabs

Next time you open a can, pop that little pull tab into your pocket and save it for later. Pull tabs found on cans of drink and food make great links to allow you to layer your coat hangers and make the most of cupboard space.

Picture of two coat hangers hooked together by a can pull tab.
Image via Pinterest.

3. Reheat the right way

Stop settling for lukewarm leftovers. When reheating items in the microwave, don’t pile food onto the middle of the plate. Push your leftovers away from the centre of the plate or cut large items into smaller chunks for even re-heating 

Picture of a pasta dish distributed evenly in a circle on plate.
Image via Pinterest.

4. Wear your bag multiple ways

If your laptop bag is getting weighed down with textbooks, hook the shoulder strap through the handles and wear it as a backpack. This will distribute the weight more evenly and prevent muscle strain or injury. Plus, you get two bags for the price of one!

Picture of a shoulder bag being worn as a backpack.
Image via Lifehacker.

5. Use your empty toilet paper rolls

Pump up the beats in your college room by using an empty toilet roll. You can also take it to the next level by attaching a plastic cup to either end. They look simple, but these DIY speakers work a treat! 

Picture of a DIY speaker for your phone using a toilet roll.
Image via Pinterest

6. Take charge of your chargers

Bulldog clips are a cheap and easy way to organise your desk space and keep your charger situation under control.

A collage of pictures of bulldog clips being attached to a desk holding charger cables.
Image via Pinterest.

7. Condition the air for free

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative to air conditioning, hang a damp towel in front of your window on hot days to cool the temperature inside your room and prevent things getting any warmer.

Picture of an open window.
Image via Pinterest.

8. Clean tight spaces with post-its

Grossed out by the fluff and crumbs that collect in your keyboard? Use the sticky edge of a folded post-it note to clean in between each key.

Picture of a sticky note being used to clean in between a keyboard.
Image via Pinterest.

They might seem simple, but these little life hacks can go a long way in helping you save space and money during your time on college.

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