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5 reasons to be a Student Ambassador

By Emma 10 Apr 2019
USQ student ambassador working on laptop.

Albert Einstein once said, 'the only source of knowledge is experience.'

Going to uni for the first time is a huge change and learning curve, so it is fantastic to have a source of knowledge based on personal experience. All USQ Student Ambassadors are current students who endeavour to be this source for future students by communicating their own experiences, journey and knowledge.

At high school, I remember uni students coming to our school to chat about their experiences, and as one of the 56% of USQ students that are the first in their family to attend uni, everything they talked about was new to me. It was great to learn the insider tips about uni life that can only come from a current student, like how uni would be different to school and what uni life would be like.

Inspired by the role the Ambassadors played in my decision to go to uni, I plucked up the courage to put in my own application and successfully became a Student Ambassador at the start of my second year at USQ. Being a Student Ambassador was a fantastic experience, both personally and professionally, and it’s an opportunity I recommend to all current students!

Image of Emma and her sister.

Here are five reasons why you should apply to be a Student Ambassador:

1. Share your journey

As an Ambassador you have the opportunity to share your unique uni journey with potential future students. My journey to uni was not exactly smooth sailing, from deciding on which university I wanted to go, not to mention what, how, and when to study. I learnt a lot along the way and I really enjoyed sharing that knowledge with students just starting out on their own uni journeys.

2. Great professional experience

You build fantastic networks as an Ambassador, as you have the opportunity to work with USQ academic and professional staff, as well as external professionals from a variety of industries. It is even possible that your work as an Ambassador could lead to new jobs in the future. I was lucky to work with the USQ Online Marketing Team at a few events as an Ambassador, and secured a full-time role with them as a result!

3. Job diversity

Student Ambassadors work a diverse range of jobs. As an Ambassador, I completed a three-day Western QLD road trip, answered student questions at career fairs in Gatton and Toogoolawah, facilitated a Future Talks session at Open Day and attended the USQ Bookcase, just to name a few.

4. Paid employment that suits your schedule

You get paid for your work as a Student Ambassador, which is fabulous. Often it is difficult to find part-time work that is flexible enough to suit your study commitments, but as a Student Ambassador you have a say in when you work. Any upcoming jobs are uploaded to your UConnect and you then select the jobs you are available for, ensuring you can fit work into your schedule.

Image of three USQ Student Ambassadors.

5. Enhance your uni experience

In my first year of uni I was pretty absorbed in my own study and really only knew people I saw in my classes, so it was fantastic to meet students from different programs. There are a number of large events where heaps of Ambassadors work together, including Student Experience Days and Open Days, with it always great fun to work as a team.

Image of the USQ Student Ambassadors.

Being a USQ Student Ambassador is a fantastic opportunity that allows your experiences to become a source of knowledge for potential students, develops your professional skills and enriches your own student journey.  

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