Kiris: How to ace study with technology

Blogger image, KirisKiris is originally from a grain and cattle property in Tara, QLD. She lives and works in Toowoomba and is studying a Bachelor of Business, majoring in marketing and leadership management. She loves a good game of Rugby Union, supporting either the Wallabies or the Reds, lattes, travelling, and she spends too much money on fashion!

University is all systems go, and assignments get served to you quicker than Roger Federer can ace his opponent on the tennis court. In the wise words of the Fed, ‘Winning never grows old’. You may wonder where this analogy is going, but I believe university is just the same as a game of tennis, and I have the tips to help you ace your studies!

As students, we only have a certain amount of time to play our game, whether we choose to put in the effort and hit the aces or take the easy boulevard and miss the court.

At least, in our game we have a huge advantage… technology! As university students, we are so fortunate to be surrounded by incredible technology, which so many of us depend on.

Image of tennis racquet and ball

As a current student, studying a Bachelor of Business, I find myself constantly adopting technology processes into my own study game. Just as each game of tennis starts with a warm up to prepare you for the action to come, I prepare for a productive study session by:

  • Downloading my lecture notes and class handouts from StudyDesk and saving them to One Drive so that they are accessible from any of my devices.
  • Saving significant Moodle books or modules to iBooks. This way they’re easily accessible to refer back to for assignments and any course work.
  • Taking an iPad to class, so I can bring the lecture slides up in front of me from my seat, and access StudyDesk if I need to.
  • Of course, I don’t study without plugging my headphones into my favourite Spotify playlist.
  • Constantly referring back to the HomeWork (HW) app where I can add a list of my assignments, exams, and any extra information I need to implement into my work. The best part is that this app then sends me notifications of upcoming course due dates.

My training is continued throughout the semester, and these apps keep me on top of my study game:

  • Is my go-to app when I’m writing essays and reports. This saves me the arguments with myself as to what word fits and sounds best.
  • Class Timetable- Is fantastic for making sure I never miss a class. This app even allows me to put in the specific times and locations of my classes, which is super handy, especially at the start of term when it takes me awhile to get used to a new timetable and class locations.
  • Evernote- Being able to not only take notes quickly but add photos to my class notes, is the best and most efficient way to keep track of everything if you’re studying multiple subjects, and this app makes this possible.
  • Awesome Calendar Lite- This awesome app syncs all of my reminders, to-do’s and events to one calendar, and keeps me on top of my duties, all day every day.
  • Gmail-The Gmail app makes it a lot easier to contact course leaders and notify you of current emails that have been received, making little tasks a lot easier, with faster access.

Image of home screen with apps 

As a student, I have found using technology to my advantage has really helped me improve my A game at uni.

There are plenty of resources available to help keep the ball in your court. For more, check out these 10 apps that will drive you to the download button!


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