Maddie: Why TPPIP could be your ticket to uni

Maddie completed a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) degree at USQ Toowoomba in 2016. She also previously completed the Tertiary Preparation Program Intensive Pathway, which helped prepare her for university study.

Two weeks after graduating from year 12, I started the Tertiary Preparation Program Intensive Pathway (TPPIP)* at USQ.

I decided to pursue this opportunity because I wasn’t sure what OP I would get and because the TPPIP guarantees you a place into selected programs at USQ, as long as you pass the program as required … also, it’s completely free!

These are the 3 things I got out of participating in the TPPIP program:

1. Getting a taste of uni
I learned many things from taking part in the TPPIP program, such as what to expect when studying at uni, what uni assessment is like and how to go about completing them… and also how to cope with end of semester exams! I found the teachers and staff who worked as part of the TPPIP program to be supportive and they were always looking to make sure we were on the right track with our studies. The course was completely structured and all classes and timetables were well organised. Materials like textbooks were provided and ready from the get go!

2. Making new friends
The TPPIP program was a lot of fun and I had no trouble making friends, as we were all in the same boat! During my experience in the program there were many social BBQs and a few trips to theme parks, where we would get to relax and be rewarded for the work we were doing.

3. Confidence and entrance to university!
After completing the TPPIP program, I gained entry into my degree of choice, but I also gained confidence in terms of my organisational skills and my ability to complete the work. For example, I now know how to stay organised and keep on top of the weekly modules! This meant that when it came time for me to start uni for real, in Semester 1, I wasn’t as nervous as I would have been if I hadn't already had this experience. 

I recommend the TPPIP course to anyone who hasn’t done OP at school. It’s a great bridging course that will prepare you well if you want to study at uni.

Whether you’re not sure about your OP or you just want to be extra prepared, try TPPIP!

It might just be the opportunity you need to work towards your goals and make them happen!

If you’re someone who needs a second opinion before saying yes, Bonnie also completed TPPIP and achieved her dream of university study even though she didn’t go for an OP. This might be the opportunity you need to work toward your goals! Don’t let fear stop you. Did I mention that it’s free?

*USQ's TPPIP has been replaced by the Accelerated Entry Pathway Program (AEPP).


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