Laurie: I changed my program after only six weeks and I’m not sorry

USQ student blogger, LaurieLaurie lives on-college at USQ and is from a lavender farm in South East Queensland. She is studying a Bachelor of Creative Arts majoring in visual art. She loves art, fashion, her dog Mac and is trying to cut back from five alarms in the morning to one.

Six weeks into studying the first semester of a double degree in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Business at USQ, I realised it simply wasn’t for me. I was distracted and bored in the lectures, I found reading the chapters in my textbooks tedious and I absolutely dreaded doing assignments and studying in general.

In high school, I not only loved visual art, I also realised I had something of a talent for it. But something in my mind told me I would never get a job by studying visual art because it’s such a competitive and exclusive industry. I thought that I could never be successful in that field and a degree in business and media would get me a dependable job with plenty of options. I repeatedly told myself I would enjoy business, without thinking about how it would not only become my qualification, but also my career and life.

When I arrived at USQ, I was incredibly motivated to study hard for my first semester. While all my classes were informative and interesting to an extent, I knew they simply weren’t what I wanted to study. I was bored, had no outlet for my creativity and was quickly losing motivation. I started to give the idea of studying art some serious thought, now knowing that I would be more likely to succeed at my studies if I was doing something I was passionate about and good at, rather than something that may or may not get me a reliable job in the future.

My family and friends were extremely supportive of my decision to change degrees and encouraged me in my choice, which made me feel confident I was doing the right thing. They actually asked me why I hadn’t chosen to study art in the first place, knowing how much I loved it and knowing how bored I became with things like maths and thinking about money!

I wasn’t entirely sure how to change my program, so I emailed ‘Ask USQ’ and received a reply from my SRO, who was extremely helpful. I was told that I couldn’t start my Bachelor of Creative Arts until Semester 1, 2016, and that was only IF I got accepted after my audition at the end of the year. While it wasn’t what I’d expected to hear, it didn’t bother me because I knew I had the ability to get in if I used my time in the right way and tried hard enough. Suddenly, I had newfound energy to finish my business assessments because I had something almost like a reward at the end of the rainbow.

Since making the decision to change degrees, I feel confident, enthusiastic and motivated to study, more interested and excited about attending my classes and more willing to participate in discussions and complete assignments. I made the choice to change degrees for my own happiness and career prospects, but it’s empowering to know that my university, friends and family support my choice as well.

Don’t waste your time and money studying something you don’t love! If you’re reconsidering your program, follow your instincts and choose a degree that makes you excited to go to class and motivated to finish assignments. Your SRO or the Student Success and Wellbeing Team will be able to help you make an informed decision and take the necessary steps toward the program that is just right for you! So, what are you waiting for?


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