Crystal: The probability of choosing the right choice: I don’t know what I’m doing and that’s ok

USQ blogger CrystalCrystal is a Bachelor of Commerce student who won Gold at the 2015 Northern Uni Games in Lawn Bowls and enjoys being able to balance her part-time job with a mixed-mode of study.

There are just too many. Too many choices. Too many expectations. Too many pressures to get onto the right path. Too many and too much of everything! The probability of choosing the perfect uni degree when you’re looking at uni study is, at least for some of us, well… improbable!

Blog image: Hello I'm a millennial. I don't know what I'm doing and I'm okay with that.

When I was younger, I always dreamed of being on Home and Away – that was my goal. I dreamed of acting alongside Matt (Alec Snow) in Summer Bay and it was that dream (and a lot of Cadbury chocolate) that got me through my QCS and, later, my grade 12 exams.

Semester One, 2015, saw me as a fully-fledged uni student – I’d made it into the Bachelor of Arts, majoring in theatre, and was ready to take on the world. I was excited by what university had in store for me, but I started to feel that maybe theatre wasn’t where my heart lied.

I was ready to drop out, thinking that I had no other choice, until I found out that I could apply to transfer into a different program.

Until I was sure exactly what I wanted to do, I decided to study one core course in Semester One online. This was a great way for me to ease into uni study, while giving me the time to work out my options.

The awesome SROs made transferring into the Bachelor of Business Administration sooo easy. It gave me a chance to find my fit in Business and Commerce (who knew that I had a passion for numbers?) and I could study a combination of on-campus and online courses. That made those cold morning starts in winter a little bit easier, when I knew I could access my study materials from the comfort of my lounge room.

After I transferred degrees, I didn't let studying online hold me back from getting involved in uni activities. In late 2015, I decided to represent USQ in Lawn Bowls at the Northern Uni Games, which was an awesome way to meet fellow students. I made some great friends and did my Grandpa proud, taking out Gold!

 USQ blog photo - Crystal playing lawn bowls at Uni Games

Summer Bay? Nah… Summer study! (Although Matt Page will always have my heart #fanforlife). I’m now diving into summer study, and taking advantage of Semester 3 to study some pre-requisites for my commerce (accounting) degree.

It may have taken me twelve months to find the right path for me, but I’m okay with that too. I’ve realised that I don’t need to have everything figured out just yet and I’m happy with the path I’m on now.

The probability of me being selected to star on Home and Away is probably fairly low, but, by the way, probabilities and choices are actually math skills that are coming in handy in my accounting degree!

Words of wisdom (from a 1st year millennial):

  • Don’t know? Don’t stress. Do core units even if you don’t think you’re in the right degree, because you may still get credit or be able to use the courses you study as electives once you transfer to another degree.
  • Not sure? Ask for help! There’s a stack of FAQs on the USQ website, or get in touch with your SRO.
  • There’s a lot of pressure to choose the right choice, but don’t panic if you’re not sure what you’re doing. Sometimes you don’t know if you don’t try, and you will get there in the end.


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