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The ultimate guide to acing uni assessment

By USQ 03 Oct 2019
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As a uni student, you may find yourself imagining what your future career may look like, and dreaming of a time when you will have achieved all the goals you've set yourself. Whatever your ultimate career goal is, one by one, like steps up a staircase, you'll get closer to that dream by completing a series of assessment.

This eBook is here to help you achieve your #usqassessmentgoals and be the best student you can!

Whether you're studying on-campus, online or externally, the opportunity to achieve your goals is what we are passionate about here at USQ. That’s why we have created The ultimate guide to acing uni assessment, which collates all of Social Hub’s most popular and recommended assessment success strategies as well as new tips and tricks you might not have seen before! To tailor the information to you and provide you with the tips you'll find most useful, this eBook quizzes you on how you feel about different types of assessment, then provides you with advice on how to develop the skills you’ll need to help you ace that next assessment piece. 

No matter where you are on your university journey, the time of semester or what your goals are, this eBook will help you achieve your assessment best so you can actually feel confident next time you sit an exam or hit 'submit'.