Kiris: Going on a group work adventure with Google+

Blogger: Kiris Apelt

Kiris is originally from a grain and cattle property in Tara, QLD. She lives and works in Toowoomba and completed a Bachelor of Business, majoring in marketing and leadership management, in 2017. She loves a good game of Rugby Union, supporting either the Wallabies or the Reds, lattes, travelling, and she spends too much money on fashion!

A few years ago Google ventured into the world of social media and launched its own social network, Google+. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been slow to jump on board this bandwagon. It was only recently I became aware of the benefits and cool features associated with Google+, including event pages, circle streaming and staying up to date with related hashtags, but it was the collaboration and group work functionality that really stood out to me as a uni student.

Here are four reasons why I believe you should be going on your next group work adventure with Google+.

1. You can keep your other social channels private.

While the messenger functions of Facebook are great, you may not always want to be socially connected with everyone in your group. Google+ offers all of the same great features to collaborate without your group being able to see what you got up to on the weekend and where you went for dinner.

2. As a USQ Student, you already have access!

Your USQ UMail account allows you immediate access to Google+, making it a super simple process to sign up and check out the features for yourself.

3. Idea generation just got easier.

Similar to other social channels, you can create groups (or as Google+ likes to call them, circles), which provide the ultimate platform to connect and share ideas with your group. Google Hangouts also allow you to connect as you would on Skype, yet hangouts allow you to have more users in on the one conversation at once.

You can create as many circles as you want, whether it be for your next group work assignment or with your study buddies from a course you’re taking this semester. Share every light bulb moment or pieces of content that you find of value, and comment on what others have shared within your Google+ network to generate concepts, plans and ideas.

4. A centralised workspace just for you.

Whether your group is made up of early birds or night owls, Google+ can help you smash your assignment deadlines.

Within your circles, Google+ is not only kitted out with functionality that allows you to set up online discussion spaces (Google Hangouts), live chat and video call with up to nine people at once, you can also share and save documents such as your assignment drafts, photos and even video material, allowing you to see everyone’s progress in real time. No more waiting for someone to close out of a document or send you their files, and no longer will there be room for any excuses regarding a ‘lost file’, as you can keep track of everyone’s progress in the one place.

To begin your Google+ adventure, all you need to do is activate your account. But before you hit the road and jump on board this bandwagon, we recommend checking out the types of people in group work. Familiarise yourself with the different personalities and characteristics, and then let Google+ ensure that you have a successful and rewarding group work adventure! Happy travels.


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