How to survive and thrive in Semester 3

Considering studying in Semester 3 or preparing to do so? 

Keen to fast-track your degree, catch up on a missed course or just keep your brain active over the festive period? Studying over Semester 3 is a great way to keep smashing through your degree, and with most courses offered online, you can still study while taking that well-earned holiday you’ve planned or catch up with friends and family.

We’ve crammed this mini eBook full of great resources to help get your head in the Semester 3 game. With top tips and tricks, downloadable resources, and advice from students who have been there, done that, we have equipped you with everything you need to know about how to prepare for, stay motivated and find support during Semester 3.

So whether you are still on the fence about enrolling in Semester 3 or are committed and ready to go – access the eBook below and get ready to not only survive, but thrive in Semester 3!