Alice: An international student’s guide to the Library

International student blogger, Alice (image)Congjun Chu (Alice) completed her Bachelor of Nursing degree in 2016 and was the winner of the 2015 USQ Multicultural Community Service Award. Her hobbies are listening to music, watching movies and making new friends.

The USQ Library at the Toowoomba campus has played such an important role for me to succeed in my nursing courses, and I can attribute this to the amazing level of support I have received from the Library team. I’ve always loved coming to the Library to read books, study and hang out with friends.

Here are my top four tips for making the most of the Library:

1. Take advantage of the huge amount of resources available

USQ has a lot of great resources. Along with a wide variety of books, the Library also provides equipment that you can loan. For example: digital video cameras, audiotape, CD players, headphones, microphones, and a range of resources across all subject areas.

Additionally, the Library offers online access to a large collection of eBooks and online journal articles, which can be accessed via the Library website. You can do research for your assignment anytime and anywhere because it’s all available online. I’ve stayed up until 1am so many times and one time I even stayed up until 5am researching and working on my assignments!

Man using iPad in Springfield Library

2. Study with friends

The first floor of the Toowoomba Library offers a good environment to study with friends. You can book study rooms with computers to use during study periods. Whenever I have a group presentation or assignment I like to book out a room so we can have a good discussion about the topic.

Another important area is the top floor which offers a very useful environment and has great facilities. My friends and I like to spend time here to study and relax between classes. Don’t forget to be mindful of other students. I have a funny memory of a really stressful time last year just before exam block. There was a group of students playing and talking loudly. I couldn’t believe that they were going to take the exam the next morning!

 Viki Maconochie studying on-campus at Ipswich

3. Don’t be afraid to visit on the weekend!

The Library is open to students 7 days a week, which helps me to find time to seek support during my busy study timetable.


People studying in the Toowoomba Library 

4. Talk to the friendly librarians

If you have any questions, head to the help desk on the top floor of the Library. The librarians are so friendly and helpful. They have been really supportive over the years and have helped me so much whenever I was confused about something. You can also talk to the librarians online by visiting the website.

The USQ Library at the Toowoomba campus is so useful and is an important support network that helps students finish their degree successfully. I hope these 4 tips help other students get the most from the Library during their time studying at USQ.

So what are you waiting for? Start making the most of the USQ Library now by checking out the Library website or visiting your nearest campus.


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