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How would you know how to get your head in the game?

By USQ 28 Jul 2019
Someone stretching in exercise clothes
Does preparing for kick off in the NRL compare to preparing for an exam at the end of a university semester?

Whether it was meeting assessment deadlines, playing footy in front of a national audience or leading a company as CEO, the guest on this podcast episode has experience in handling the stress of expectation in all sorts of situations. Former South Sydney Rabbitohs player, CEO of Young Guns Container Crew and USQ alumnus, Trent Young joins How Would You Know to speak about the similarities between pressure as a professional athlete, CEO and student, what skills he has learned that apply to all three and some secrets to bringing you’re a-game when it counts, on any stage. 

To hear from another prominent USQ figure in Australian sport, listen to rugby league's Matthew Elliot sharing his tips on how to keep cool and perform under pressure in this free webinar.
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