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study-tips 3 min read

The ultimate student checklist: preparing for the upcoming semester

By USQ 10 Jul 2019

The transition from holidays and getting back into study can be a hard process to undertake. This checklist works to make that move a whole lot simpler. Whether you are a returning student, new student, external student or just in need of a refresher about what to expect, there are useful points to be considered for everyone. There are also links to other resources which aid in making the whole student experience a whole lot more organised, time efficient and cheaper in the long run. The lead up to a new semester can be full of uncertainties, which is why we’ve created this guide to outline what needs to be checked off prior to the commencement of the upcoming semester.  

Feeling organised, but still lacking motivation? Find out how to hit 'refresh' and approach the new semester as if it was your first.