Roxy: The pros, cons and things to consider for Semester 3

Roxy completed a Bachelor of Arts with USQ in 2014. While volunteering overseas, she found a passion for teaching and returned to USQ to study a Graduate Diploma in Learning and Teaching (Secondary)After successfully juggling full-time work and part-time study, Roxy is now excited to start her new career as a teacher.

Thinking about studying in Semester 3? I’ll give my honest perspective of both the pros and the cons and you can decide for yourself whether studying over S3 sounds like something you’re up for. 

First off, the cons, the lows, the not so great bits of S3 study… 

  • It’s hot over Semester 3. Unless you are studying in the Northern hemisphere, prepare for sweaty days, lazy blowflies and computers overheating. Prepare for the drowsiness that swamps you when you are 5 pages in to a 125-page recommended reading and your family are all lazily couch-napping nearby.
  • Speaking of family, are you ready for those guests that want to come over and hang out? Because longer days mean more time for dinners, movies, ice-cream and parties!
  • The final con of studying during S3 is that while the days are long, the semester is short. Used to having modules stretch over two or three weeks? Well, in S3 you’ve got 4 less weeks to get stuff done, so start that assignment NOW!

Now onto the good things about studying during S3. I applaud you for persevering onto the pros! Welcome to the club. This exclusive ‘Semester 3 Club’ is reserved for genius students like us who go ‘Hang-on, I can multitask! Why can’t I take that 5-minute power nap, re-energise and read on for another 120 pages?’ Or, instead of giving in when faced with the idea of missing out on time spent with friends, family and at parties, we say, ‘What if I see these friends all together next weekend? I’ll take a raincheck on dinner and study instead’. In this exclusive S3 club, we know the true benefits of studying over Semester 3 are:

  • Your study is completed quicker (those subjects left will fly by when you’re picking up a few here and there!)
  • You keep ‘in the groove’ of study – reading, writing and studying year-round can have positive effects on your academic results and, best of all, the semester is so short it will be over before you know it!

Now that you’ve psyched yourself up and are keen to hit that ‘enrol’ button, there’s just a few things to check.

  • Have you checked out your enrolment pattern to see what subjects are available? If you don’t know how to do this, chat with your Student Relationship Officer who can help you work this out.
  • Be sure to balance it. Plan to take time out to still enjoy socialising with family and friends. Having those semi-celebrations in the calendar really helps to keep you motivated!    

My mum and I attending a show in Brisbane

  • Look at the course specifications so that you can prepare yourself and check out assignment due dates, exams etc. Knowing what to expect can help you map out your workload.
  • Make the most of your surroundings. Studying indoors at our USQ Library really helped me stay focused but I’d made sure I got a window seat so I was still making the most of the amazing weather!

  • Chat with your family and make sure they know what will be needed from them during this time. That two-week family holiday you always have? You’re still going, just with your textbooks this time!
  • Study sessions don’t have to be boring. I always throw together some summer fruits and take my study outside if I want to get that summer feeling.  


  • Don't forget it is all worth it in the end! Getting this letter after I’d done my final unit in Semester 3 was definitely worth that extra bit of hard work.


One of the biggest things to keep in mind about S3 study is that it’s over in a flash, so if you’re planning on hitting the books over the holidays you’ll need to get in quick and sort out your enrolment.

To make sure you’re set for study in S3, have a chat to your Student Relationship Officer.


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