Kaitlin: My top 8 study spots at the Toowoomba campus

Kaitlin is studying a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Business, majoring in public relations and marketing. Some of her favourite things are pizza, Shakespeare, the band Ball Park Music and the TV show Friends.

After studying at USQ for a number of years, I think I’ve finally nailed down my top study spots. Honestly, it depends what mood I’m in. Sometimes I feel like being surrounded by friends in my course so we can talk about the topic, and other times I need it to be completely silent so I can concentrate.

So, without further ado, here are my fav places to study at the USQ Toowoomba campus.


1. Bean bags in the Library common area
This area of the Library is really peaceful and versatile. It’s not the ‘silent area’ so it’s fine to have a quiet chat with friends or you can settle in and do some study. But I have to warn you, it doesn’t really feel like work when you’re this comfy!

2. The Japanese Garden
I’ve always loved the Japanese Gardens since I was child. The beautiful surroundings make it the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sunlight. There’s also lots of shady spots and picnic tables so you can bring your books and spread out.

3. The silent area of the Library
If I’ve got heaps to do, I’ll always head straight for a booth at the back of the Library for increased productivity and concentration. The only sounds you’ll hear are the tapping of keyboards and the flicking of pages. This is where the serious study gets done!


4. The Refectory
The Refect is the meeting place for all Toowoomba campus students. It’s a great place to eat some brain food, chat about group projects, swap study notes or just take some time out from classes and assessment. It can get pretty loud in here and you often run into friends, so don’t head to the refectory if you’re planning to get a lot of work done.

5. Bounce café couches
The couches beside Bounce have a distinct coffee shop vibe making it the perfect place to relax with a hot beverage. You’ll often see me here with a chai latte in one hand and a book in the other. #multitasking

6. The fish bowl
This room is on level 2 of R block and can be booked out by talking to the Library staff. It’s like your own little bubble and is perfect for a large group project for talking about an assignment with your mates. The only downside is the awkward eye contact you’re bound to make with people going up the stairs.


7. The Quad
The Quad is a great place to relax in between classes and watch the world go by. You can choose a picnic bench in the shade or spread out on the ground, with the fresh air and changing scenery sure to help with your creativity.

8. The engineering lawn
The engineering lawn is another great outside study spot... just make sure you wear a hat and sunnies because there’s not a lot of shade. Pack you books, a picnic blanket and a nice cool drink and get some vitamin D while you revise your notes.

While these are my go-to study spots, I’m sure there’s lots of hidden gems around campus that I haven’t discovered yet!

Next time you’re settling into your favourite study location, snap a photo and share it with the USQ team by using #USQ on Instagram!


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