Steph: 6 things to do at the USQ Library Makerspace

USQ blogger: Steph Piper
Stephanie is the Community Engagement Coordinator in the USQ Library. She works closely with the USQ Makerspace, and specialises in 3D printing. She loves to tinker with electronics, Arduino and maker projects.

Did you know the USQ Toowoomba Library has a makerspace? Makerspaces are places for making and prototyping. Our Makerspace has a range of equipment from 3D printers to hand tools and hosts a number of workshops to build your maker skills. Makerspaces are especially helpful if you don’t want to fork out for expensive tools for projects when you will only use them once or twice.

What can you do in the Makerspace? Here are six ideas:

1. Learn new skills

Master the 3D printer or come along to a range of other workshops to level up your skills, including coding, 3D modelling, tile painting and more. Check out the Makerspace website to see what sessions are coming up!

2. Make study aids

After you’ve attended the 3D printing workshop, you can 3D print a whole range of models freely downloadable from Learning anatomy? Print yourself a spine! Need something to hold your projects? Save money and print yourself a vice! Want a 3D printer? 3D print yourself a 3D printer! The possibilities are endless.

USQ Makerspace: 3D printed golden snitch

3. Wind down

Unwind with your study buddies in the Makerspace after class by creating. Work on art projects or use our huge supply of donated craft supplies and make your own creations. Don’t forget to clean up after you’re done!

4. Start a maker project

There are lots of open source projects with free instructions and resources to start. Want to build a Combat Hexapod Robot? How about a drawing machine? Want to get started with home automation? Collaborate on a larger project, like a full-size humanoid robot? These projects are a great way to build your hands-on experience. You also have something cool to show off to your friends or potential employers when you finish!

USQ Makerspace: circuits

5. Invent something

Got an idea for a hardware start-up? Use the Makerspace to prototype and test your invention and learn about entrepreneurship with our guest-hosted workshops.

6. Share your knowledge

Got some hands-on or tech based skills to share? Host your own maker workshop, class or meet-up! Submit your idea to

USQ Makerspace

Check out more information on the Makerspace website. See you at the Makerspace!


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