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Now the madness from the start of the semester has subsided, it’s time to start planning for prac.

One of the keys to having a successful prac is to plan well in advance.

Some things to start considering include:

  • Informing your employer about your prac
    It is really important that you let your employer know the dates that you are due to complete a prac placement. That way, they won’t roster you on to work when you are at prac or you can negotiate to work a different time instead i.e. weekends.
  • Have you met all of the requirements?
    Before prac commences, check your Blue Card is still valid and all other important legalities have been organised.
  • A prac plan
    Have you made contact with your prac coordinator? Make time to visit or contact them before your prac begins. And last, but not least, what are you going to wear?

Prac is not the time to bring out your stilettoes or running shoes (unless you are teaching a PE lesson).

It’s the time for you to get involved and do as much as you possibly can to ensure you make the most of the experience.

When planning what to wear, you need to make sure that your outfits are practical and allow you to do whatever you need to do that day.

My major tip for planning your prac wardrobe is to mimic the actions that you are going to do during prac in the outfits you intend to wear before you leave the house.

For instance, if you are going to be writing on a whiteboard or reaching up high, lift your arms up and if your shirt rises watch whether it shows your belly button. If this is the case, don’t wear it to prac, or wear another top underneath it. If it is long enough, tuck it into a pair of pants or a skirt.

Alex Paterson prac practicality style image
Here, I tucked a longer top into a midi skirt.

If you’re an education student, chances are, you will be marking students’ work or bending over to tie shoelaces. In the mirror, mimic these actions and check to see if your top gapes away from your body revealing down your shirt. Once again, if this is the case, opt for another top or wear a camisole underneath.

Alex Paterson prac practicality style image
I am wearing a nude colour cami underneath this top and it has a deep v neckline which gapes away from the body.

Don’t forget about your bottom half as well.

If you are wearing a skirt, check to see if it will rise up while moving about. As for pants, make sure they don’t reveal your behind when you’re sitting down.

Alex Paterson prac practicality style image
If you opt for a higher cut skirt or pant, you will reduce the risk of exposure.

To see all of these things in action, check out The Change Room Check.

As for shoes, be sure your shoes are super comfy as you will be on your feet all day (sorry guys, this doesn’t mean that you can wear your slippers or ugg boots).

Alex Paterson prac practicality style image
Comfort does not mean that your shoes still can’t be funky.

If you are assisting with a sports activity during a lesson or break time, I suggest you take a change of clothes and then you can change back afterwards.

I can’t stress enough about the practicality of your prac wardrobe.

Yes, you may look a little silly while doing the actions mentioned above, but at least you know that your outfit is ‘prac proof’.

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