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Job application

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Career confessions: common job application mistakes

If you've ever wondered whether you’re really putting your best foot forward when applying for jobs, you need to hear this advice.

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Your résumé recipe

Creating an appealing résumé can take the same skills as cooking a dish for MasterChef.

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Stepping it up

Are you in high school and not sure how to take your resume to the next level? These simple tips are for you!

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How to package a well-rounded job application in 3 steps

Just like wrapping the perfect gift, when it comes to your job application it’s all about the packaging…

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Getting that job

This video series covers topics including your digital footprint, promoting yourself as a brand, career resilience and USQ student services

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How job selection criteria is like Tetris

What do TETRIS and selection criteria have in common? You need solid strategy and excellent time-management skills to be successful at both.

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Judging a book by its cover… letter

Make the best first impression by having an eye-catching and accurate cover letter to accompany your résumé.

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Kim: 8 steps to improving your job application

Applying for jobs can be tough. Kim shares her tips for acing that job application and interview, and for staying positive in the face of rejection.

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USQ Student Services – Career Quick Tips Series

Watch our Career Quick Tips Series and be prepared for the next steps on your career journey.