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7 things to Research – Transcript.

Tess: Top things to research about an employer before the interview.

So, the first and most important place to start is at the company's website.

You can find some great information around the kinds of people they like to employ and also information about their vision and their mission.

Another good thing to do is to check out who's on the panel for the interview.

Do your research around those people too - the organisation's they work for.

You can find this through LinkedIn and other social media sites.

Also Google the organisation and find out any news or articles they've been in recently.

Check out the industry as a whole and any trends that might be existing at the moment.

And the product offerings of that particular organisation.

Find out what the dress code is and dress better.

Another thing to remember is to contact the person on the interview panel to find out

as much information as you can before the interview even starts.

And finally, by doing your research and your homework - it'll put you in a really good

position for the organisation.

It shows that you actually care about that organisation in particular and it will give

you the confidence to excel in the interview, before you've even walked in the door.