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Bounce back with resilience

Today I’m going to talking to you about bouncing back with resilience. I have got so many tips and techniques on this. It’s really great for the brain to name emotions. So if you’re feeling a little bit disappointed, a little bit sad, upset, angry about a situation, down, just name it. Say you know what, that situation or that event or that assignment, I didn’t do as well as I hoped, I’m pretty upset about that, I’m pretty angry about that. It’s really great for the brain to name emotions and it actually calms down the brain so that helps you in terms of bouncing back. Another great way, in terms of bouncing back when it comes to resilience, is surrounding yourself with, I call them my cheerleaders. Surrounding yourself with people that support you and that believe in you. Ask for help. If you feel as though you’ve been knocked down and are unsure if you can bounce back as quickly as I can, reach out to those people around you that will help with that resilience and that will help you lift yourself back up. I think that’s really important, only surround yourself with cheerleader that really want to help you bounce back. Get rid of those people, I call them people who are putting holes in your row boat, get rid of those people out of your boat. Only surround yourself with empowering people. Also, watch how much you focus on your negative thoughts. Let them go, the more you focus on it, I call it attention goes, energy flows. Get rid of those negative thoughts, focus on what makes you unique, what are your strengths and those cheerleader around you because they will help build resilience and help you bounce back.