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Career confessions: Common job application mistakes

What are some of the mistakes you've seen job applicants make in a job application? So, at a different University that I was working at a student came to me with a question and a problem that he had which was really interesting. He had applied for a job at a bank, one of the big banks in Australia and in order to give that job he felt that he needed to add some experience to his resume. So, he fabricated an entire job on his resume, a complete lie and he got the job. They didn't check his reference for that particular job so he was in a way kind of lucky he got away with it. But then after about six months in that job he got a promotion to another job in the bank and this particular job had a kind of a security element to it so they went back to his original application and then they did the reference checking six months after he originally got the job and of course he was found out so he was fired straight away and essentially blacklisted from working in any other bank in Australia because that was something that was going to follow him around. People do have memories and they do talk, and so he was coming to me to see what he could do to overcome it and I really had nothing to tell him. So, I'm not sure what happened to him but he's probably still paying for that mistake. One of the common mistakes is to adopt to one-size-fits-all approach for resumes, and for applicants not to tailor their resume and their cover letter to the particular job that they're applying for. With graduate applications a classic mistake is that you've used the same cover letter and the same CV for every employer. We would have automatically cut out anyone who had mentioned a different employer name and it was clear that they weren't even aware who they were sending their application to, let alone had they done any research about us and it was very critical for us with the employer I was with at the time about whether they had done any research about the industry we operated in and about us and it was all over the web we were one Google click away from being able to do that.