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Career confessions: Common career mistakes


What's one of the worst mistakes you've heard of someone making in their career?

[Lou Bromley]

I've seen a lot of young graduates, especially when Facebook launched and Twitter and other platforms around 2008 to 2010, we typically had no filter because we're still learning about how to actually use these platforms. We were making friends and connections on all these platforms, with everyone we possibly could, including colleagues. I used to see a lot of young professionals who are embarking on their career publicly criticising their employer, which was bordering into opinion territory, where they were not the expert.

And what we've now learned, 10 years on in a Facebook and social media universe, is that we are not necessarily representatives of our employers and we have to make sure that we are professional in what we don't say as much as what we do say and if you do have opinions take them offline so you can't be quoted.

[Michael Healy]

Well, I actually saw this happen. I was on an interview panel at another university and the two top candidates were internal candidates so they already worked at the University. They were pretty well-known and they knew each other. One of them in particular was very confident and so and he didn't like the other candidate much so when he heard that we gave the job to the other candidate, he was not happy at all. He went out and got drunk and he complained to everyone who would listen. He said some pretty unkind things about the other applicant and people like me who interviewed him. What he didn't know was that in the interview we discussed how great they both were and how we would give the job to the candidate who got the job but that the other candidate was front of mind for any other opportunity that came up. He would have a real head start and of course he ended that straightaway.