Graduation Tips - Advice for future graduates - transcript

Time management would probably be the best. Don't leave your assessment until the very last minute. Because then you get stressed out and it make it way worse.

Definitely try not to leave things until the last minute. A little bit of time to prepare is always helpful!

Don't ever miss any of your stats classes. They are very important! Go to every lecture. You will always, always get extra information from the lectures. Always go to every one.

Just keep up with the weekly readings and always submit your assignments and stuff on time. Make sure that you stay on track and don't get too distracted during the semester and just focus on your studies.

Make sure that you're being authentic, true to yourself, so you understand that you're getting into something that you really like and really enjoy. That way your passion will come through and you'll enjoy your studies a lot more.

Try and do something outside your comfort zone and you'll get better from.

Girls! I recommend practice walking in your shoes. I just tripped over downstairs and I really hope it doesn't happen on stage. So practice walking in your big high heels!