USQ Insider #11 – How to proofread assignments

Hi. I'm Dan and welcome to Episode 11 of USQ Insider. Proofreading can make a world of difference. With a few simple changes to spelling, grammar, punctuation, and even formatting, proofreading will make your markers love you. So let's jump in and find some tips that will turn that assignment from a pass to a distinction.

Reed each word. Bet you didn't catch that. Let's try it again. Reed each word. Sometimes we read things too quickly and we often stumble over and miss some of our most simple mistakes.
Read it out loud. It could help immensely if you try just reading it like a speech or a script. Your ability to... agh! And if you stumble over a sentence chances are there's probably a way you could have written it better. TVC must be precisely 30 seconds long.

Getting a friend or teacher to read over your work gives an alternative perspective. They might pick up on something you've missed countless times before. And if there's no one around, try changing your approach to reading it. Change the colour of the text. Change the text. Or even the size of the text. You could even change your location. But if nothing's working for you perhaps it's time to take a break. Go nibble a healthy snack and come back to it a bit later after you've let your brain recharge for a bit.

Do not rely on spell checkers. They tend to have problems with homonyms. Here, let me show you what I mean. Won knight eye sore a pair of men buy then see. Type that sentence into Word and you'll notice that it actually doesn't recognise any errors. You've just got to remember that spell check isn't always 100% correct.

So there's you have it. A few simple tips to make you and your markers life a little simpler. Now stop procrastinating and go do that proofreading!