USQ Insider #7 - Oral presentations - transcript

Hey, welcome to USQ Insider. Here at USQ, we understand that there is a plethora of assignments, exams and practicals that you will be handing in every day. But when it comes to oral presentations, are you prepared? Sometimes it could be daunting to come up and present to a bunch of strangers, but not to worry! Here are some tips to help you prepare and make sure that every presentation you do, captivates your audience.

Do you have your criteria sheet? What criteria sheet? Uh, do you have any visual aids, PowerPoint? No? Do you even know the topic you are presenting today? Yes! Uh, I’m doing a speech on Marketing. Right, um. This is an engineering class. Engineering?

Hold it right there, it pays to be prepared. On the day, you gotta make sure that you have palm cards, study materials, USB with your presentation on it, criteria sheet and anything that your lecturer has mentioned that you have to bring to your presentation. Make sure you know the room that you are presenting in. Also, practice your speech before you actually present it, I’m talking – practicing it in front of your parents, siblings, your partners, your pets, or even stuffed toys if you are so inclined.

Okay, next. Next! I don’t want to present. Yes, you are. Good morning, ladies and gentleman. Today…. Presenting can be extremely scary, but it is okay to be nervous. Confidence is key to a great speech. The skill of oral presentation is a great skill to have, because it helps you not just in uni but also later in life with jobs and interviews.

So there we go, a few tips to make sure your next oral presentation is a perfect one. We hope these tips helped, and we wish you luck for all your assessment for the rest of this semester. If you have any other tips, make you go on our other social media channels, cause we’d love to hear from you. We’ll catch you next time on USQ Insider.