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6 mistakes to avoid when referencing

Referencing is an important element of most assignments at university, but it can be easy to make small mistakes. This can cost you valuable marks and can mean the difference between getting an A and a HD on an assignment. Here are six mistakes to avoid when referencing. Number 1. Your reference list can often be the last task in your assignment, but try to avoid leaving it until the last minute. Number 2. Losing track of your source and page number for in-text referencing can mean you spend valuable time trying to find it again. Number 3. When trying to complete your reference list, there’s nothing worse than forgetting which source you used or accidentally closing the tab Number 4. Using a different style than what was outlined in your marking criteria can be costly so always double check Number 5. Pay close attention to punctuation and spelling mistakes Number 6. Formatting mistakes such as forgetting to use italics or order alphabetically are simple errors which can be easily avoided How can you avoid these mistakes in your next assignment? Reference each resource as you go. For more information on referencing check the relevant style guide on the Library website. If you need help, chat to a Librarian on-campus or online or check out the Finding Information tutorials.