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Myth #4: You're an invisible student if you study online

The university doesn't care about its online students as much as it does about its on-campus ones. Basically everything that you have that is on campus for an on-campus student is available in a format that is online. So we have StudyDesk, we have a meet up program which is offered to on-campus students that's also online. We absolutely care about our online students, just as much as we care about the on-campus students. The uni doesn't worry about their online students, they take care of themselves. I think that some online students might feel like they need to take care of themselves, but this isn't the case at all. Basically everything that is on offer for an on-campus student support wise or even just learning wise is certainly available to an online student in a different format. Online students aren't able to come on campus to study. If you happen to be in the neighbourhood or you have a day of work maybe and you want to come in and study something at the library, if you want to make use of printing services, you can absolutely attend campus at any time. Obviously, if you can't attend campus, you still have every opportunity to make use of the online facilities as well. Online students don't have the opportunity to network with peers to find support for their assignments. Actually, there's plenty of opportunity for online students to network with their peers and to get assistance from people who might have done the course before. This is all run through our meetup program so basically you have access through your course to a forum, you can chat to past students in that room and ask them things like, 'How do I do this part of the assignment or did you find this part difficult?' And what are some strategies to cope with that. But you also have the opportunity to participate in a Zoom session which is a face-to-face via video and you can actually ask those questions to a person or somebody who's done the course before.