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Myth #2: You'll never learn the practical skills

If you study online you're going to miss out on learning the practical components of your course. No that's Just not right, that's not right at all. No, not at all. We go out of our way to make sure that external Students and online students are actually incorporated Into our classes. One of the key things you need to remember Is that learning doesn't happen in a particular place, it happens up here. So it doesn't matter really where you are you can still learn. For Instance in engineering, we go out of our way to make sure the practicals are available for students who wish to attend them. We have online systems now, we've got Zoom and Many other facilities that let us bring external students into the actual practical and they can see what we're doing and if they have a kit which we provide they can actually work along with us at home. It's not possible to become a nurse or an engineer online because you can't learn the practical skills. You can learn these skills anywhere. You can learn these skills at home. For electrical engineering We can use anything from you pantry to pretty much teach you many of those electrical concepts. Did you know that engineering and nursing also have residential schools and placements so that those online and external students actually get placed into a high intensity experience to complete those practical skills. Because I can't meet my lecturer on campus face to face, I won't be able to engage with them as much, or get as much one-on-one time with them. Actually, did you know it is now easier to get hold of your Academics. We have all sorts of fantastic technologies that now let you not only call them but video conference with them live when you need to. We have things like Zoom, we've got online forums, we've obviously got basic systems such as email but a lot of academics now use Facebook and Twitter for that sort of purpose. So it's actually now easier to get a hold of your Academics.