First in Family - Seeing it through

Suzanne: Yes there has been guilt at various times and that’s more as a parent than anything else. I know there’s been times where social networks that I’m a part of have had to take a back seat at times and as much I’ve partly regretted it at times and going ‘study is always in the way and I can’t go and do this’. I just learnt to take a step back and just go, that’s ok, that will still be there in a couple of years’ time when I’m done, that’s not going anywhere, I can come back to that, that’s ok. 

Ricky: My family go you know, why would you ever do that? Why would you leave the security of an abattoirs of the meat industry? I said no, that’s where my heart is, at the end of the day, if you don’t do it, no one else is going to do it. It was hard, it was really hard at the start.

Michelle: So yeah the first year was really, really tough. It was tough on my family, like they just had no idea what mum was doing, ‘mum where are you going, why are you going out, you need to be at home with us’. They couldn’t see the big picture but now they can so it was worth it in the end. 

Ricky: But if I never took that step, god almighty I’d hate to think where I’d be. Hate to think.

Roslyn: You feel guilty but then you go hang on, I’m doing this so that we can have a better life.