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How self-belief could be affecting your studies

Ok, today I’m going to be talking about self-belief. And having self-belief is having trust in your own abilities and I am a firm believer that both self-belief and confidence, you can kind of call them a very similar thing, are just as important as competence. I probably see confidence and self-belief being a little bit more important than competence because if you think about it when you meet people, people who just exude this confidence and self-belief, you really want to engage with them, you really trust them versus, could you imagine working with someone that might be really competent at what they do but that don’t have that confidence. In terms of how it’s important when it comes to study, it’s just believing that you can do it, just focusing on what you’re great at, focusing on what is great about your ability and it matters so much when it comes to study. If you really believe in yourself and you really have that confidence around what your studying, it’s purpose and how it’s going to make a difference to your career and what you’re wanting to achieve in terms of your dreams and your goals, just keep focused on that you rock, that you can do it, trust me you can do it. If I could tell myself something back at university when I was in uni, I worked and studied so hard because I really, really wanted to be competent because I thought that if I became more competent I would become more confident. Have that confidence then and there. You can do it!