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Nick: Hello everybody and welcome to UQUIZ. I am SRO Nick and you may remember me form such videos as How to Enrol and Results Explained. Now you’ve been asking the questions, so we’re here to day to put that knowledge to the test and see if you can answer USQ’s most frequently asked questions. Today we’re joined by Carrie, Lilly, Matthew and Daniel. Now I will be asking five questions and these contestants have ten seconds to answer. To answer a question they must hold up the answer card indicating the answer which they have picked. Now contestants are you ready?

Carrie, Lilly, Matthew and Daniel: Yes.

Nick: You sure? Let’s do this. First topic of the day: Getting Started. 

Question one. Where do you get your Student ID card?

a) Security
b) Library
c) Coffee Shop
d) Lecturer.

Ten seconds guys. Alright times up. The answer is a) Security. Good job guys. 

Question two. Does the University post out your study material?

a) Yes
b) No.

I don’t want to see any answer C’s or D’s in there [chuckles]. Yes the answer is b) No. most of your course material will be available on your StudyDesk, it’s all online – you do need the internet for that. 

Okay Question three. When will your study material be available?

a) Immediately
b) First day of semester
c) When you click your heels three times
d) One week prior to the start of semester.

Ten seconds ladies and gents. Alright times up. The answer is d) one week prior to semester start. Now c) when you click your heels three times. Does that work for you? 

Carrie: I wish it would, really – it would be great. It’s a hopeful question. 

Nick: Alright because sometimes when I’m hungry, you just want to click your heels three times.

Carrie: And it’s there, yeah it would be great. [laughs]

Nick: Question four. How do you choose your courses?

a) Following the Recommended Enrolment Pattern
b) The same as my friend
c) Whatever course I may be interested in
d) Reading my tea leaves.

Times up. Correct the answer is a) Following the Recommended Enrolment Pattern. See personally I would have gone the same as my friend. 

Alight so question five. Why should you regularly check your UMail account?

a) This is where the University will send all important University messages
b) Receive semester updates from your SRO
c) To find out about surveys you can participate in
d) All of the above.

Times up. Now the answer is d) All of the above, but you guys aren’t plagiarising each other, right?

Carrie: I am a little, I can see their answers.

Nick: Okay [laughs], well you shouldn’t.

Carrie: Sorry.

Nick: This is a university. Alright guys this brings us to the conclusion of the quiz. Thank you so much for being here today. I hope you learnt something. 

Thank you everyone for tuning in and please remember if you’re ever in doubt about anything you can always contact your SRO.