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What is resilience and why should you care about it?

Hello, today I’m going to be talking to you about resilience and why you should care about it. So resilience is that ability to get back up when the going gets tough. Get back up when you feel like you’ve been pushed down. To keep going. It’s so important to learn resilience and why should you care about it? Because it totally matters. Keep getting back up. You know, at university, there were plenty of times where I got pushed down but what made a difference to me really succeeding and even succeeding now, is the ability to just keep moving forward. Just keep getting back up and saying I can do this. You can absolutely do it. You know what, it’s just going to be part of your journey, it’s just going to make you stronger and it’s also about having that belief of I know I can do this, I know I can rock at this. Don’t get pushed down for too long. Think about, ok what did I learn from that? What would I do differently? How could I re-frame this situation and just get back up and keep moving forward. Be resilient because it absolutely matters.