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How to celebrate your #USQGrad

By USQ 19 Nov 2020

Graduating university, it’s quite the achievement. One of the all-time highs in life as all those years of hard work culminate in one distinct day of celebration. 2020 has changed how but not if we celebrate such an important day. Graduation is made special by the company we keep and attention we place on achieving something that took sacrifice and perseverance so let’s celebrate by using the ideas below as inspiration.

Plan a celebratory activity from home

Imagine an activity that would make you feel special on your graduation day or one that you can share in with others who want to celebrate you. Pick the activity and adapt it to the conditions that we’re all facing now. To get you started here’s a few suggestions; a nice meal or two with others via Zoom, get together with your friends to share stories of your journey. If you’re alone during this time make sure you plan a movie binge, treat yourself to a new audiobook or eBook or find an activity that brings you joy to make sure you focus your attention on celebrating yourself.

Dress for the occasion

It might sound pointless but the psychology of placing significance on the preparation of your celebratory day makes all the difference in the emotional weight it’ll carry. It might feel a bit extravagant, but remember all the hard work and effort you put into getting yourself to the finish line. There’s a reason why people dressing up for occasions within their own house are going viral. Once you’ve committed to it, you’re on the way to mimicking the in-person event which adds to the experience – trust us.

Take the all-important grad photo and use our USQ digital assets

Now you want to remember this moment don’t you? Of course you do and we want to make sure you can go all out on the digital stickers and frames to mark this day for yourself and your friends and family on your socials. Instead of explaining them here we know you’re already experts in all things social so check out our Online Celebration Pack for a range of Zoom backgrounds, GIPHY stickers, and Facebook frames for you to celebrate the occasion.

Before you go out and enjoy your big day don’t forget to use the tag #USQGrad as we’d love to share in your celebrations.

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