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How to find the uni that fits you best

By Alice 16 Apr 2019
2 future students in conversation with USQ staff member at USQ Open Day.


Every prospective university student faces many decisions, but one of the first is deciding which university will be the correct choice for you.

For some, making this decisions is easy, like a perfect line of linear plots waiting to be connected with the sweep of a pen. They have dreamt of going university and their future career ever since they started high school. For many others, however, this decision are much like a scattered quartic function: there isn’t a simple answer and they require a great deal of investigation.

While you might feel pressured to attend a certain university due to peer pressure or the location, it’s more important to carefully consider your own individual needs when deciding which uni to go to.

Picture of Eddard Stark from Game of Thrones with the caption 'One does not simply draw a line of best fir for a scattered quartic function.'

In year 12 I, like so many others, applied to attend various universities in Brisbane, without much thought for my needs. During my gap year, I had time to consider my options with a more open mind and realised that Brisbane may not be the city for me. I also realised that although many of my friends were no longer in the same town as me, we had kept in contact and I’d also made new friends.

I began assessing the pros and cons of different universities in terms of what was important to me. For example:

  • How far a university was from home
  • Different facilities
  • The differences between Education degrees at each uni
  • Living options and more!

To help me make a decision, I also took the time to revisit each of the universities I was considering and attended the Bundaberg careers fair, the Brisbane Tertiary Studies Expo (TSXPO) and listened to experiences from friends who had already begun their university experience.

Using these resources, I finally landed on choosing USQ Toowoomba.

Choosing a university that best fits you is a difficult and important decision. Going through this process you will learn a lot of things about yourself and prove to yourself that you can make informed, adult decisions without being swayed by others’ opinions.

Whatever you decide, university provides you with the opportunity to reinvent yourself, develop new friendships and spread your wings.

A picture quote reading 'When you're confident enough to make a decision, you have to be courageous enough to see it through and comfortable with the outcome. ~Deondriea'

Of course, like a mathematical line of best fit, no university is perfect, but through thorough investigation of all of your options, you will be able to make an informed decision about the best possible university for YOU, at whatever stage of life you are at!

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