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Meet iconnect concierge, Lolita

By Lolita 18 Jan 2021

My name is: Lolita 
I’m studying: PhD in Public Health (on-campus)
You can find me at: iconnect Toowoomba in R block.
Favourite study snack: Corn chips.
Go-to TV series/movies: Documentaries.

With a background in public health, connecting with others is important to me. Currently engaged in a PhD, I understand how stressful university life can be, so I work hard to connect with others and talk face-to-face with students.

I aim to take my degrees to further research in public health as well as to teach. My time here at iconnect helps me engage in the university society and learn from others, while helping them achieve their academic goals. 

Iconnect has been an excellent experience for me because it is so interactive and allows me to immerse myself in the processes and culture of an academic environment. 

Do you have a study hack? I think that working early in the morning is the best tip, as your mind is fresh and the environment around you is quiet to help you study. Internet is fast and you can just get into the zone!

What is your tip to beat procrastination? Being in the right mindset is important. You can’t force yourself to write an essay if no words are coming to you. When this happens, I like to visit the park or do some other work and allow the words to come to me naturally.