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5 moving out problems and how to solve them

By Jess 10 Apr 2019
Sunlit loungeroom with grey couch and house plants.

Before I first moved out of home for the first time, I was anticipating tears every night for the first month. That's why I was pleasantly surprised to find that, aside from one or two stray tears, I was actually okay! 

Napoleon Dynamite meme: I'm moving out of my parents place. I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious.

For the first two months that is ... That’s when I started to experience ‘moving out regret’. I soon discovered that life changes a lot when you move out of your parent’s home for the first time! But it does get easier.

These are the top 5 problems I faced when moving out how I overcame them

Hopefully they can provide you with some inspiration and encouragement if you're experiencing moving out blues yourself.

Problem 1: Every meal is either pasta or rice, because that’s all I own.

Meme: Move out of home they said. It will be fun they said.

My solution: Every pay day (or day after pay day), I sit down in the kitchen and make a meal plan, then I go through what groceries I already have and what I need and make a super-duper shopping list. I also plan designated nights each week that I visit my parents, my in-laws and my partner’s house for dinner. That means I only have to plan for another 4 dinners during the week – and let’s be honest, one of them is usually pizza.

Problem 2: I wasn’t happy with the way my room was looking – it just didn’t feel like home yet!

Meme of cat in cardboard box: It's nice but I'm looking for something furnished.

My solution: I hadn’t taken absolutely everything from my room at Mum and Dad’s, so each time I went home, I would bring a little something back with me! Not a bed or bookcase (Mum would absolutely notice if I ‘borrowed’ the piano), but just small things like a jumper I’d left behind or a vase that I could fill with flowers to make my new abode feel more homely.

Problem 3: Where did my mangoes go? Someone keeps eating my food!

Dawson's Creek meme: Please stop eating my food.

My solution: When you move out of home, it’s highly likely you have to become financially independent, meaning you are spending your own money on your own food. That being said, there is absolutely no shame whatsoever in writing your name on your food packets. My roommates and I tried doing the whole everyone-pitch-in-for-the-weekly-groceries plan, but everyone had different dietary requirements and meal planning techniques, so this didn’t quite work out. Sure, we share the costs of staple pantry ingredients (milk, bread, tomato sauce, flour etc), but for the rest of our food, we just buy, cook and eat our own meals. We worked out who had which shelf in the fridge and pantry and wrote names on anything that was in a communal area. Thankfully, nobody has touched my mangoes since…

Problem 4: I sometimes think it’s easier to buy new clothes than wash the ever-growing pile of laundry.

Toy Story meme: Dirty laundry. Dirty laundry everywhere.

My solution: This one’s an easy one: I asked my mum how to use the washing machine. While it did hurt my pride a bit that I had to ask for help on how to pile clothes into a machine and press some buttons, I now save money not purchasing a new outfit each week! Plus, my mum loved being able to teach me some new life skills. Now I simply set aside one day each week (or each fortnight if I really stretch it out) and get all my washing done.

Problem 5: I can’t afford to buy those hot roller curlers I really want.

Meme: I moved out of my parent's house. Now I have to pay my own bills.

My solution: The ‘B’ word … budgeting. I know this word sounds terrifying, but it’s actually the best solution to more than one adjustment when moving out of home. Little tips like identifying what’s a ‘need’ and what’s a ‘want’, or downloading your favourite budgeting apps can make a huge difference! USQ also has some great budgeting tips on Social Hub.

From my experience, most moving out problems can be solved with a little time and a dash of patience. I’m not saying there’ll never be tears, but looking back now I can safely say that I’m definitely getting a handle on this ‘adulting’ thing … slowly, but surely.

If you do make the big move and find yourself face-to-face with a problem you just can’t solve, the team at USQ Student Services are great people to talk to about accommodation. You can make an appointment with our Health and Wellness team if you’re ever in need of advice or information. Or, if your moving-out problems are a little less about you and a little more about your roommates, Social Hub has you covered for that too. Check out this guide to the top 10 housemate issues and how to address them.

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