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5 tips for living on campus

By Kara 30 Jul 2019
Image of college representatives.

When I first decided to move to the USQ Residential Colleges, I panicked. What if I forget something? What if I don't like my roommate? What if they cancel Game of Thrones as a consequence of me moving?! But believe it or not, I survived! If you’re moving on-College, these are my top five tips.

Top 5 tips for moving on-campus to live

1. Don't over-pack 

When I first moved to College I thought I'd need everything. I didn’t think I’d survive without my 14 pairs of shoes! It’s easy to want to over prepare for every potential situation or occasion that may occur, but trust me, you won’t need 14 pairs of shoes. If you do suddenly realise you need something from home, there are no rules saying you can't go get it (or, even better, get it posted to you). 

2. Be a good roommate 

I am incredibly lucky that my roommate is amazing. She is the one I go to Kmart with 6 times a week, the one who texts me if dinner is extra tasty and not-to-be-missed, the one who reassures me I can definitely finish that 2,000 word assignment in one day, no problem. But on the off chance you don't have the world’s best roommate, you should still try to be a good roommate by keeping common areas clean and not being loud and annoying.

Kara posing for a photo with her college roommate Michaela.

Me and my amazing roommate Michaela

3. Things you won't think to bring

  • A cup, a bowl, a plate and a fork. You'll want them eventually.
  • A printer. Yes, I know you could just print at the uni. But the number of people begging to borrow printers mid-semester is crazy. If you can get one, get one.
  • Bluetack. I can't even work out how much I have used during my time at uni. Bring it and bring lots!
  • Bring your College colours! You will play Res shield sport often and early on during your time on-College, so make sure you can show some College pride!
  • A fan. Summer is hot! I know this isn't news to anyone, but during last year’s heat wave many residents attempted to buy fans, but they were sold out! Don't let this happen to you; if space is limited, they can be pulled apart and put away. Be prepared!
  • A spare set of sheets and a spare towel. Your regulars will get dirty, so bring spares!

Kara wearing her college colours.

4. Plan, plan, plan!

I am not good at remembering all my plans, so I plan out my weeks so that those assignments don’t sneak up on me. Additionally, bring fun coloured whiteboard markers, because it's fun!

5. Don't be scared 

I was so nervous when I moved to College, but after you actually meet everyone and you start interacting with other Colleges it isn't so scary. Don't stay in your room, get out there and meet people! There will always be something going on and we want you to be there because the more people, the more fun!

My time at College has been a highlight of my uni experience and where I’ve met some great people and made amazing memories. While you definitely won’t need 14 pairs of shoes, the one thing you should absolutely bring with you is a great attitude towards getting amongst College life.

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