Lisa: How I used a pathway program to arrive at my uni dream

USQ blogger LisaLisa began her studies as a mature age student and graduated in 2016 as valedictorian with a Bachelor of Business. A self-professed computer game nerd, Lisa also loves to travel and experience new places. Read more of her amazing story in HeyU.

I always had an overwhelming desire to attend university, but I was also uncertain that I had the ‘Right Stuff’, as they say, to actually do it successfully.

Year in year out I went to Open Days to get as much information about what is required and how much was involved so that I could make an educated decision about actually doing it. But even after I’d discovered all this information and been exposed to the positive vibes from staff, students and lecturers at the Open Days I was still unsure about my desire to study. After all, it had been a few years to say the least since I had been to high school and I never finished grade 12.

Did I have the writing and mathematical skills? Could I complete assignments to the level required? All of this raced through my mind every time I considered university life but the approachability and warm of USQ always inspired me each time these doubts reared their heads.

Then I discovered the Tertiary Preparation Program (TPP) on offer at USQ. ‘This could be my chance of a lifetime’ I thought. It gave me one whole semester to work out whether or not I did have the ‘Right Stuff’ to make it as a student. It also gave me the flexibility to study on-campus or online and to get a taste of uni study while I worked. If I successfully completed TPP I’d be guaranteed entry into the program of my dreams at USQ.*I Did I mention it’s FREE?

It took me next to no time to realise that TPP was definitely for me. I had nothing to lose, after all this was a win – win situation. So without giving it even a moment’s thought I took the plunge and went ahead and enrolled. It was so easy, I could apply online directly to USQ. 

from the comfort of my own home. My first day came and I was bursting with apprehension, excitement and awe. ‘Here I am’ I thought, ‘I have gone ahead and finally made the commitment to my future dream….’ How cool is that?

My lecturers during TPP tutored, instructed and supported me to develop my writing, mathematical, computing and general study skills, and along the way they built upon my self-esteem and self-confidence. They really were incredible as they were always available to explain the little intricacies that I did not quite understand in a friendly way that meant I was never afraid to ask for help. The whole experience really gave me a feel for life at university.

The other students that studied TPP with me were in the same boat as I was, initially doubting whether or not they had ‘what it took’ to be a student. We all paddled our boat together to achieve the same result, to get into our chosen courses at USQ,

all the while wondering if we would sink or swim. The program flew past so quickly and before I knew, it was over, with all of us having safely arrived on dry land. We’d done it together and we’re still good friends to this day!

The TPP was instrumental in fulfilling my dream of attending university. It really was my pathway to success. USQ prepared me for what was to come and without any question or doubt in my mind they convinced me that I had made the right decision, that I truly could do it and that I deserved the opportunity. So I urge you all, stop thinking about it ……do it! Don’t dream it, be it!

Whatever your doubts or reservations, now’s the time to make a move toward your own university dream. Click here to find out more about TPP and the pathways to USQ. If you’re doing it for your future, you won’t regret it!

*Successful completion of the Tertiary Preparation Program guarantees entry into selected programs at USQ provided that the student also meets the degree-specific entry requirements.


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