Blair: 3 things we can all learn from spring

Blair was a voluntary Multi-Faith chaplain based at USQ Toowoomba. Originally from a technical background, with RAAF service, Blair worked in a wide sphere of the electronics industry, prior to officer training and a subsequent eighteen active years with the Salvation Army, Australia Eastern Territory. Being a licensed Amateur Radio Operator (VK4BBX), Blair often was a Virtual Chaplain late in the evening, providing a global ministry.

Springtime down-under, possibly my favourite of the seasons. I like to think that perhaps any discontent the winter journey may have inflicted upon our lives can now be discarded along with our warmer, woolly garments. After a long, cold winter, the season of spring finally falls upon us with exotic beauty, stunning fragrance and the promise of new beginnings.

While much of our twenty-first-century world appears in disarray, with no promise of lasting peace, the season of spring, with all its reliable beauty, tends to maintain a recurring perfect balance and the essential rhythm-of-life for all humanity. So how can we make the most of this season? What can we learn from the colours, scents and blessings of spring?

1. Plant seeds of love and kindness

Let the blossoming flowers, warmer days and sounds of new life inspire you to add brightness and warmth to each conversation and encounter. Take extra care and effort to invest time and kindness in your dealings with others and then watch as those seeds of kindness blossom into richer, more vibrant relationships in the weeks and months to come. Look for every opportunity to cultivate love and kindness around you. The world could always do with a little more of both.

Japanese Gardens in spring
The Japanese Gardens at USQ’s Toowoomba campus are a sanctuary of vibrant new life in spring.

2. Slow down and appreciate life’s beauty

The magic of spring can be experienced in the simplest of ways. Wherever you go, the earth is waking up around you, offering a bright and fragrant reprieve from the business of day-to-day life and worries. Allow yourself to slow down, to breathe in the beauty of the season and to be reminded of the life-giving nature of the earth. I honestly believe spring flowers are vibrant emblems of life and death, purity, love and passion, because they possess the enduring ability to trigger warm memories. Allow yourself to be drawn in, even for just a few minutes, to the pleasant memories that the sights and scents of spring can evoke. For example, the lovely Lilac, with its exquisite mauve and blue sweetly scented flowers, gently reminds me of 1945 and my parents, joyfully singing along with Ivor Novello’s, ‘We’ll Gather Lilacs in the Spring Again...’

3. Embrace the opportunity to be renewed

Just as the earth emerges bright, fresh and full of new life, so too can you choose to embrace the energy of spring and be renewed. Approach your studies with a reinvigorated sense of purpose and determination. Let go of past struggles and disappointments and allow yourself to be inspired again by the opportunity to learn, to broaden your understanding of the world and to grow in knowledge. Embrace the energy and vibrancy of the season and approach your studies, relationships and day-to-day responsibilities with a renewed enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, Multi-Faith Chaplains remain present and available on all USQ campuses. They too, are quietly emerging from winter, ready to listen to your stories, and even help cultivate your garden of faith, hope and love. For now, however, be brave and step-out with confidence, happiness and curiosity because it’s springtime in the great southland! Golden days, indeed!

For ideas and inspiration on how you can channel the energy of the season into renewing your studies, visit the motivation tag on USQ’s Social Hub.  


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