Andrea: 4 things students have in common with The Bachelor

Blogger: Andrea Davis
Andrea has completed a Bachelor of Communication degree and is inspired by witty female writers everywhere, and is developing a successful career in online marketing. She has a serious sweet tooth, mild coffee addiction and a shameless appreciation for trashy TV. 

If you’re anything like me, there’s a sacred hour in your weekly schedule each Wednesday and Thursday night. It’s a time to sit back, relax and shamelessly indulge in the drama, romance, outfits and outright awkwardness of The Bachelor Australia. I freely admit that Bachie time is my guilty pleasure, but if you ever need an argument for spending the night in with the Bachelor and his ladies, let me explain the many things that you, as a uni student, have in common with the Bachelor.

Andrea: 4 things students have in common with The Bachelor

1. You’re overwhelmed with options

I’ll spare you the whole ‘choosing careers in high school is a big deal’ spiel and just say this. So. Many. Choices! Every degree is like a shiny new Bachelorette rolling up in your driveway and while it’s fun at first, before long you feel like you’re being drowned in a loud, spangly pool of opportunity. Everywhere you look there’s a new degree flaunting its assets and advantages. ‘Hands on learning’, ‘real world experience’, ‘strong industry connections’. Pick me, pick me! All you can do is hand your white rose of application to the degree that’s made the best first impression and cross your fingers it doesn’t turn out to be a stage 5 clinger.

 4 things uni students have in common with The Bachelor

2. Group dating is a disaster

Mid-semester has gifted you with 5 simultaneous assignments. While you know they probably each deserve some one-on-one attention, in the interests of time you decide to try your luck with a group date and just get it over with in one hit. Chaos ensues. Somewhere in the mix are the two or three assignments you really have zero interest in getting to know and are quietly hoping will just get lost along the way. Then we have your frontrunner, that extra charming assignment that selfishly occupies most of your time despite the other four squabbling shamelessly for attention in the background.

4 things uni students have in common with The Bachelor

4 things uni students have in common with The Bachelor

By the end, you’re left with one glowing essay, two reports that got a glance at best and two assignments you genuinely forgot were even there. We feel your pain Bachie. We feel it!

3. You can always count on Osher

While they can’t travel this journey for you, your mum/dad/partner/friend/fellow student is always there, waiting in the wings to state the obvious offer words of wisdom or just provide a gloriously groomed show of moral support. Providing some consistency in the chaos, they often appear unannounced to take charge of the situation and make sure you’re still on track. You may not always notice their presence and their input may not always be on point, but the show quite simply couldn’t go on without them. #teamoshie

 Bachelor GIF 4: 'Morning ladies!' - Osher.

4. There’s just no rushing the rose ceremony

No matter how challenging, how random, how completely incompatible, there’s no way to rush the process. Each and every course must be eliminated one by one, leaving the others to fight it out for a place in next semester’s enrolment cart. Some go quietly; a pleasant, dignified exit. Others result in tantrums, broken hearts and end up occupying way more screen time than you anticipated. But somewhere in the mix is your one true love. Hiding among the bad spray tans and sea of sequins is your very last course, waiting patiently for you to weed out the others until you can finally ride off together into the glorious sunset of graduation (sans romantic lighting and dramatic success music). Keep your eye on the prize friends, she’s in there somewhere!

While we may have a lot in common with Bachie and his spangly quest for love, there is one key difference… as students we’re not locked away from the outside world and forced to face the stage 5 clingers alone.

4 things uni students have in common with The Bachelor

If you’re feeling like your relationship with study is getting more dramatic than a bachelorette at a cocktail party, pick up the phone and get in touch with one of these awesome USQ support services. Otherwise, grab your Nutella jar and settle in for the next installment of cringe-worthy competitive dating. Bring it on Bachie!


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