Rachael: What do budget, style and denial have in common?

Rachael White
Rachael is a passionate marketer, food and travel enthusiast and a USQ Bachelor of Business graduate. She’s an avid online shopper and has one of the most enviable wardrobes around (according to her friends and colleagues).

A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear?

I got you.

You’re talking to an enthusiastic shopper who is stuck with this dilemma on a basis that is more frequent than what I am prepared to confess.

Recently, I have arrived at the realistic conclusion that it’s time to use some strategies to control my reaction (the words splurge and impulse purchases come to mind) to this reoccurring quandary.

Also, my savings balance isn’t complaining!

Here are four tips that help my debt and sanity:

1. Splurge on the basics and save on the trends

As cliché as it sounds, there is some sense to this…

You know that pair of jeans that fit just right and flatter you the best? They may be more expensive than what you would usually spend, but my word of advice is … splurge! If you have a think about how much wear these jeans see across seasons, the amount you have to pay upfront is justified.

Flatlay of white jumper, jeans, shoes, sunnies and wallet.

On the other hand, you know those reflector sunglasses that are pretty sweet and would look SO good with the outfit you’re wearing to the races on the weekend? Save! The amount of cheaper versions you can find is astounding, so in this case, save some cash and buy a freakishly similar pair for an eighth of the price! Getting the balance right is essential to keeping your student budget afloat.

2. Buddy up

There’s nothing better than finding a person who shares the same love and desire of the ‘new clothes feeling’. It usually starts with something along the lines of ‘hey there, I just bought this new skirt on the weekend, you should borrow it sometime.’ Note the word: BORROW! #jackpot

Rach and Bec's shared outfits 1 Rach and Bec's shared outfits 2 Rach and Bec's shared outfits 1

Having an unspoken (or a completely open) agreement that you and your friend will swap clothes from time to time is extremely handy, especially if you’re trying to be frugal. Personally, I am lucky to have a sister of the same size and, after a little persuasion, she has become my ultimate wardrobe buddy.    

3. That mess of a rack they call ‘sale’ might be worth the time

Entering a store with a new collection gives me chills, they’re multiplying! But at the same time, I always spot something out of the corner of my eye that generally looks like a combined clutter of mismatched clothes. Recently, I have taken the time to search through this interesting assortment.

The results have been rather pleasing and I have saved some very valued funds. I definitely haven’t given up searching through the new releases as well, but it’s all about finding a balance. So, my advice is, have a browse and you might be pleasantly surprised. If you’re not … there’s always next time!

4. Budget … I went there …


It’s so easy to get into a routine of hitting the shops every Saturday and purchasing shiny new things (#guilty), but recently, I have realised it may be worth actually checking my finances to see what is affordable on a student budget. Even though it doesn’t sound overly appealing, you’ll most certainly be happy with the pay off.

Get prepared to buy things you really love without experiencing buyers’ guilt – it’s a whole new level of joy. Keen to pursue this budget thing further? Check out some more ways you can save your pennies.

So there you have it, four tips that have helped me to limit my impulsive tendencies and put some planning and saving processes into the mix.

Have you felt uninspired by your well-stocked wardrobe recently? I encourage you to give these tips a go and then indulge in the glory of your success! While you’re at it, check out more uni style advice online.


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