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“My closet is full of clothes but I have nothing to wear!”

Sound familiar? I am a huge suspect for this. The night before is spent studying till late and the last thing in mind is what to wear to uni the next day. The time comes to get changed and there is a fast approaching freak-out on clothing for that day. Here are 5 handy hints about uni-style apparel that works well for all USQ students.

1. Your uni wardrobe doesn’t need to cost a fortune. 

If you are wanting to add to your already overflowing wardrobe, but feel the $$$ won’t allow for it, head down to your local op shop. I’m yet to do so myself, but many of my friends pick up goodies for next to nothing and strongly recommend it!

2. It’s nearly winter; comfort dominates style.

With winter just under a week away, it’s time to pull out the comfy attire in exchange for shorts and singlets, that will no longer suffice the cooler weather, especially in Toowoomba. For us girls, waving goodbye to pretty dresses to avoid disturbed concentration from shivering away in a class, is probably one of our biggest fashion dilemmas. I admire those who are completely opposite to me – brave and don’t feel the cold! (Sometimes I believe I was a frog in another life). Comfort becomes my number one priority; however it doesn’t have to be completely daggy. Another advantage to this is that there’s no need to change into “house clothes” to get comfy when you get home from uni and need to study!  Here are type of items I go for (no one at uni has laughed at me yet!)

  • Warm and cozy jumpers

Girls and guys, whether it be a hoodie, jumper or sweater, this is a winter must-have. My favourite at the moment is the knit look because it doesn’t just look comfy, it IS comfy!


  • Dressy t-shirts
Sometimes a jumper is too heavy for the classroom and a nice t-shirt is able to alleviate this. And again, we have comfort!
  • Denim
One of my beloved winter items is a pair or two of good old jeans. I usually have at least a blue and a black pair in my wardrobe. I find they are the perfect match for any top and are handy to have on those mornings when your uni outfit is a last minute decision!
  • Dresses and leggings/stockings
We love our dresses and it’s such a pity to have to store them away in winter. Depending on the dress itself, sometimes a pair of leggings or stockings can solve this problem. I have also seen many girls in pretty knit dresses and leggings which really pulls off the comfortable winter look.
  • A cover-up coat, cardigan or jacket

My closet currently consists of a few different types: leather, cotton/poly-cotton and a long trench coat. These are great when you want to wear a summer top yet need a little extra warmth. One of these is always packed in my uni bag in winter!

3. Uni goers are adventurous shoe wearers. 

There’s one thing that has stood out to me when considering Toowoomba campus students’ fashion and that is the diversity of footwear. This ranges from Havaianas, to sandals, to ballet flats, to sneakers, and then to a more wintery boot. Perhaps it’s safe to say that there almost isn’t a uni-style as far as shoes go, although it’s probably preferred that they are in one piece and of reasonable standard!


4. Don’t be afraid to accessorise.

After putting on jeans and a plain shirt, sometimes you may feel as though your outfit needs an extra element. A scarf may be all it takes to fix this problem and it helps keep warm in winter, a win-win situation really. For the girls, a long necklace or chunky bracelet is also seen as a common accessory around campus. All of us also like a pair of sunnies when walking to and from classes, and these are a great addition to any uni outfit!

5. Dress to suit you.

All of the above are just suggestions and aren’t exactly the “uni dress code”. Dress accordingly to your interests, as long as you look like a respectable member of the USQ community and your clothing choice isn’t completely outrageous. After all, it’s all about comfort! Life would be boring if we were all the same!

For more style tips to help you feel great both at uni and in your dream career, make sure you check out USQ's collaboration with professional stylist (and proud USQ Alumna) Alex Paterson from What the Teacher Wears.


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