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Why USQ Support should be your next stop for help

By Sheree-Eleise 24 Jan 2021
USQ staff member holding iPad and helping female student.

I found the USQ Student Support Team when I was in my second semester of the Tertiary Preparation Program (TPP). After being out of the education system for 15 years, I had successfully completed my first semester, receiving distinctions and high distinctions. I walked in to the next semester feeling unstoppable. However, over the break, I had relocated from New South Wales to Ipswich to be closer to campus and, in doing so, lost most of my support network. I was struggling to keep up with my work load and my anxiety had reached an all-time high. I was terrified of failing.

I was sitting at my laptop, head in hands sobbing, when I saw it – right there in front of me. The link to book an appointment with a USQ Wellness Educator. From the moment I walked in to my appointment, I felt comfortable, unjudged, and like my voice would be heard.

I was put in contact with one of USQ’s Senior Student Equity Officers, who was able to set up my Student Learning Support Plan, which enabled me to cry in my exams (due to my medical condition) without fear of judgement. This allowed me to pass TPP and I was then accepted into a Bachelor of Nursing degree. I’d done it! Six long years in the making, but here I was.

I attended Orientation Week on-campus (a must for new students!) and was spotted by the Student Equity Officer I’d talked to previously at the Wellness stall. They insisted I book in for an appointment straight away to get myself sorted for the upcoming semester. I booked my appointment and organised the updating of my Learning Support Plan. From here, I was introduced to an amazing Wellness Educator, and it was love at first chat!

She understood all my fears, anxieties and concerns. She has been an absolute life saver and will continue to assist me in dealing with my stress and anxiety around my studies throughout my degree.

From my conversation with her, I was made aware of a Student Wellness advisor, another USQ staff member who could assist with other student wellness concerns.

See how this works? One door leads to another, and another.

As a Student Wellness Advisor, this staff member aids students who may be struggling to cope financially, which is not so uncommon. When I walked in to see her, I wasn’t sure if or how she could help me but I knew I needed her help. She was able to inform me of several useful programs available to students who might need some extra assistance. She helped me get through those times when I thought my daughter and I would be living off bread and noodles. With the Student Wellness Advisor’s help, I was able to receive extra financial assistance with rent, which meant I could afford to purchase those very expensive, but very important, textbooks. I also was the lucky recipient of a scholarship this semester, which paid for the laptop I am currently typing this on!

Had I not have been sitting on USQStudyDesk that night, feeling at an all-time low, and clicked on the link to access support, I may never have known about all the amazing help available to me at USQ! If, like me, you need a little extra support, don’t hesitate to book an appointment. The Wellness team are amazing. They have truly changed my life with their support and assistance.

If you’re in need of some help, whatever the reason may be, there is support available to you. With the click of a button, you can contact a Student Wellness Advisor or another member from Student Success and Wellbeing if you’re in need of a little extra support.

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